Five finest beaches located in Texas.

Texas is known for its beach destinations with 400 miles of aesthetic coastline, which is perfect for a family picnic, swimming, boating, sailing, fishing and several exciting activities. The beaches are also an ideal spot for windsurfing, parasailing and kite-boarding.

The lone star state has a lot to offer, from outdoor beach adventures to nature’s beauty. The list below consists of five best beaches for spending a perfect and relaxing time in Texas. 

Crystal Beach 

As the name suggests, this sparkly eco-friendly beach stretched up to seven miles at the Bolivar Peninsula. The beach has restaurants nearby that serve fresh crabs and seafood, with a peaceful environment due to less crowd as compared to other beaches. The beach is perfect for water activities and has several beach cabins.

The visitors can have an ideal end to their beach day with a bonfire. The access to this area is relatively easy as a fairy from Galveston departs 24 hours every day all around the year.

Surfside Beach

Near Brazoria County in the city of Freeport, this beach is a beautiful spot to get away from the stressful city life. The beach is known for its purity, and the visitors can also drive straight on the beach, which makes it even better.

This area is perfect for a family-friendly time with its environment and coastal eateries nearby, and the small-town vibe making it more special.

Mustang Island State Park, Port Aransas 

The beach of Mustang Island State Park is renowned for swimming and sunbathing. Apart from this speciality, the beach is known for being dog-friendly, and consist of versatile treasuries.

From fossils to the superior breed of turtles, the beach is well known for having a diverse nature along with 400 species of birds. You can kayak along the seaside and also have campfires with a beautiful view and dunes at the seashore’s borders. 

Rockport Beach, Rockport

The beach known as one of the cleanest beaches of Lone Star state, the Rockport beach is situated in a small coastal town near Aransas Bay. This beach is famous for its activities, including bird watching, fishing and boating.

The big waves, strong undertows, gift shops, galleries and numerous eateries make this place worth the time with family and friends. The location is ideal for romantic couples with its 1500 foot lighted jetty as it provides the perfect secluded area.

Padre Island National Seashore, Corpus Christi

The largest undeveloped barricaded island consists of Padre Island National Seashore. National Park protects the beach along with 13000 acres of grasslands and dunes. The area also has Grassland Natural Trail, perfect for bird watching tour.

The four-wheel vehicles and baby turtles add extra beauty to this beach. The site has more than 50 miles designated for beach and can be accessed only through North Padre Island Village and Corpus Christi. This beach is the ultimate spot for secluded outdoor activities.

San Jose Island, Port Aransas

Visitors searching for ideal solitude seashore, look nowhere as the San Jose Island is a stunning location with jetty boats to provide access to the area.

The beach is a quiet and peaceful place with no population nearby. Along with these qualities, the island is also known for its wildlife, including beautiful birds. You can enjoy the natural views before going to Port Aransa for leisure activities.

Written by Bryan Barnes

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