If you want to pursue a career in law, then the first step includes choosing the right law school. The bar of getting into a law school that provides you with enough resources and skills is not an easy task. So to help you out, we have created a list of top 5 law schools in Texas that you can look up to.

University of Texas Austin

The University of Texas is considered the best for its law programs; however, the university only accepts 22% of its law program applications. It has a 95% passage rate bar and the image of the university is enough to make you work on your SAT scores and grades. The average GPA required is 73, and the average LSAT score needed to get admission here is 167.

Southern Methodist University

With the most specific and refined education, this private university has a great campus and staff. The bar passage rate is 94%, and only 42% of the applications get accepted here. You can also join the sports team of the university in your free time, which indicates that campus life is good. The average LSAT score required is 161, and the average GPA required is 63.

University of Houston

The University of Houston is renowned around Texas as one of the best law school. Around 63% of its graduates obtained long term and full-time jobs. The US News and World Report have ranked this university on 50 number. The environment of this university is demanding and vibrant. The bar passage rate is 76%, and only 800 students are enrolled in this program. The average LSAT required for the university is 159 and an average GPA of 54.

Baylor University

Instead of the semester structure, the university operates on the quarter system. It is known to offer a unique experience of study. Baylor University is also famous for its beautiful campus and is comparatively affordable than other private schools. The average LSAT score required is 160, and the average GPA is 53.

Texas A&M University

The university offers real-life experience in order to prepare you for a law career. It offers programs like Mock Trial, Moot Court and Alternative dispute to give you the actual real-life experience. The average tuition and fees cost around $32,000, and it is no doubt considered one of the best school for a law program. The bar passage rate is 88%, and the average LSAT score required is 156, with an average GPA of 38.


Written by Bryan Barnes

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