The city of Houston is the largest and most diversified city of Texas. You can find multicultural and down to earth people here, with some fabulous restaurants, shopping outlets and much more.

The city is known for its oil wealth, along with its art and culture which you can explore at Theater District. For a fantastic cuisine experience, do visit the China Town and Mahatma Gandhi District.

The city has it all including numerous beautiful parks, different sports teams, and NASA Space Center that is the favorite attraction.


You can get everything that you dream of having in a city at San Antonio, the second-largest city of Texas. The city has some great places to visit, including the most famous River Walk, surrounded by lively bars, cafes, and restaurants.

San Antonio also has historical museums and sites, and Alamo where Texas fought with Mexico for independence in 1836. There’s a great mix of culture in the city with a large Latino population.

The best thing about this city is its nightlife, along with great amusement parks and shopping malls.



Known as the “Live Musical City”, the capital of Texas is a city with fun and friendly people. The city is popular for two renowned international music festivals that add more colors to its culture.

Apart from music, Austin is also famous for its delicious food and the local bars, cafés and restaurants are its proof. The city has a large population of youth and is the home to the University of Texas. The city also has more than 300 parks perfect for your outdoor activities and relaxing time.


The city of Dallas has its own charm with its distinctive characteristics. Dallas is famous for its upmarket boutique shops, restaurants, and cocktail bars at Uptown. You can visit the famous Museum of Art to check out the art collection here.

If you’re an NFL lover, then do watch Dallas Cowboys play after all the activities.


With a combination of the nineteenth-century architecture and Southern charm, the city of Galveston at Texas Gulf Coast is the city which gives delightful vibes.

The resort city at Galveston Island is popular for spending the weekends and summers, and the addition of warm weather makes the place even better. With the most beautiful historic buildings and beaches, Galveston is the city worthy of spending time on.



Written by Bryan Barnes

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