The diverse population and various geographical regions have gifted variety of festivals to Texas. This is why it is considered as one of the most favorite states of United States. Further, we have gathered a list for you to explore the festivals in Lone Star State, and get to know the culture and traditions even better with its annual events.

Charro Days

The oldest fiesta in Texas, Charro Days is held at Brownsville, Texas. The festival was initiated back in 1938, and has a variety of Mexican parades and dances including “pachanga”. The festival takes place for one week in a year.


Czhilispiel is held for more than 30 years annually at Flatonia. The festival show casts the best bbq and chilli cook-off teams which are top competitors. The Czech festival is such that each person experiences a great and happy vibe.

Great Texas Mosquito Festival

Texas is famous for mosquitos after bulls and bbq, so the people here thought of celebrating it too. The Great Texas Mosquito Festival is held annually, and it features paintball tournament, bbq/fajita cook-off, karaoke, and Mosquito Chase “Run”. Who thought pest could bring so much fun too?

State Fair of Texas

State Fair of Texas is known for being a huge event. It takes place in Dallas and has some amazing events like art completion, carnival, auto show, livestock show and the most famous match between the University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma called “Red River Shoot-out”.

Texas Rose Festival

The Rose Festival was started in 1933 and is a fun part of the Coronation Ball and “Concert in the Park” by East Texas Symphony Orchestra. Make sure to visit the Rose Museum when you visit the Rose Capital of the country.


Written by Bryan Barnes

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