Troopers care for 5-month-old found in stolen car in Texas

5-month-old found in stolen car in Texas

TEXAS: The Texas Department of Public Safety trooper took a 5-month-old baby into his arms.

The reports say troopers found a 5-month-old baby inside a stolen vehicle. A Cadillac was stolen from Harris County. Officials said the driver and the passenger inside the vehicle were arrested.

However, after noticing the 5-month-old baby inside the vehicle, the trooper holds the baby and gave the baby a relaxing bottle.

The troopers donated clothes to the baby from their own children. The information regarding the baby’s family has not been released.

The authorities are investigating the case. Moreover, they are very thankful that the child was safe and unharmed.

For now, no more details are available. Stay updated for detailed news.

Written by Bryan Barnes

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