Doctors search for COVID-19 vaccine candidates to use extra doses in Amarillo

AMARILLO, FLORIDA: The doctors of Amarillo are searching candidates for using extra doses of COVID-19 vaccines.

Mark Packard received the COVID-19 vaccine on Monday.

“He called my cellphone and said this is doctor do and said there’s a vaccine available at Dr. Biggs office on the fourth floor of my office building and if you can go right now, it’s available, so I very quickly changed clothes and drove over there,” said Mark Packard.

Dr. Do said, “Mark, you’ve got to run now, just go fast, drop whatever you have to go get the shot”.

“I have all the people that would qualify for the shot but they would live about an hour or at least 45 minutes away and then have to drive through the traffic, and so that would take them a long time and get here. So, you’ve got to find the one with the conditions that could get to the office as soon as possible,” Dr. Do added.

The managing partner at Amarillo Medical Specialists, William Biggs said, “Once you open the bottle, you have to use it within six hours, so we don’t have an overnight time period. We have to give it the same day, that’s why we’re scrambling to give the dose”.


Written by Bryan Barnes

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