Exciting Theme Parks in Texas.

The amusements parks in Texas are an exception, with fun-filled activities for all ages. The theme parks mentioned in the list are quite popular, and you need a fair amount of time to enjoy each of them. So if you’re a thrill lover like us, then make sure you visit at least one of these amusement parks.

Pleasure Pier, Galveston

The pleasure pier was authentically an entertainment place for military and their families back in the 1940s. The site was sabotaged by a hurricane in 2008 but was reconstructed and reopened in 2012. Pleasure Pier offers exciting rides like a sea dragon ship and roller coaster. The place gives a nostalgic vibe with its midway style restaurants, games, and shops.

Kemah Boardwalk Amusements

Located at the beautiful Galveston Bay, and only 20 minutes away from Downtown Houston, Kemah Boardwalk is a most thrilling experience. The rides include Ferris wheel, the train that goes around the boardwalk, and a zipline over the passage. The place also has fantastic waterfront restaurants, midway style games and much more that you can experience with a single-use or all-day passes.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

From the early 1990s, six flags fiesta offers 40 exciting rides. The park has different sections including 1920 western-style town, a boardwalk, German theme village, 1950s area with a fiction high school, and an area called Los Festivales where several summer shows are held. The place is filled with rides and restaurants, and the most thrilling rides are the Goliath roller coaster, whitewater rapids side a 4D Batman roller coaster.

SeaWorld San Antonio

Sea World San Antonio is the most significant marine-life theme park in the world and is made on the 250-acre property. The theme park is filled with thrilling water rides and roller coasters. Still, the biggest attraction is the interaction with marine animals like seals, otters, killer whales, and several dolphin species. You can also swim with sea lions, belugas and dolphins, with several shows being held throughout the day that will make your visit even more exciting.

YesterLand Farm

For a traditional family-friendly fun, visit YesterLand Farm which is open throughout the year. It has several activities like a giant slide, petting zoo, giant tipi, and rides include a wagon train ride, Ferris wheel and kid-friendly dino ride. The place is also suitable for picking out Christmas tree where you can take pictures with Santa, and enjoy the Christmas Playland. From the end of September to the beginning of November, a fall festival is also held every year.


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