Texas expects 843K COVID-19 doses this week

expects 843K COVID-19 doses this week

TEXAS: After a conversation with medical professionals in Houston on Tuesday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says the state has been able to enormously accelerate COVID-19 vaccinations through numbers of large-scale vaccination hubs and that nearly 1.4 million Texans have now received the vaccine.

Harris County is the model for vaccine distribution in the state Abbott said on Tuesday. He added it has administered 260,000 doses of vaccine, more than double the number of vaccines administered in second-ranked Dallas County. Abbott said, “The number one vaccine provider in Texas is Houston Methodist”.

Abbott said last week the state had 28 large-scale vaccine hubs spread out across the state and that this week that number jumped to 78 vaccine hubs. Altogether there will be 260 providers in 122 counties getting allocations this week as other providers continue providing vaccines using prior shipments.

Abbott said a week before the state had just 28 enormous scope antibody center points and now it has expanded to 78 immunization center points. There will be 260 suppliers in 122 provinces getting distributions this week.

Abbott said, “Because of our scaled-up capabilities of quickly providing these vaccinations, there is only one limitation that we have at this moment and time, that is an inadequate supply of vaccinations and that supply of vaccinations comes only from the federal government”.

The governor said the state hopes to get their largest supply of vaccines to date — 333,650 first doses and 509,400-second doses for a total of more than 843,000 doses. That total does not include the allotment sent to long-term care facilities.

Written by Bryan Barnes

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