The Texas State Capitol

Known as the largest State Capitol in the country, apart from the United States Capitol, it is situated between downtown Austin and the University of Texas Campus. This can serve as the perfect backdrop for your aesthetic posts.

Mount Bonell

The view of Mount Bonnell is what makes this place worth the visit. There are stairs available to get to the top and where you can get a bunch of amazing pictures with an unforgettable view of the river and beautiful houses made at the bottom.

Lady Bird Lake Boardwalk

The Austin skyline and pretty view of water along the boardwalk is what makes this place Instagram worthy. The part between 135 Bridge and the South Congress Bridge is a must-visit.

I Love You So Much Mural

The mural is famous among anyone who visits Austin, so make sure you don’t forget to take a picture here. To get better pictures in front of the mural, don’t forget to buy the giant ice cream cone from Amy’s with rainbow jimmies.

Greetings from Austin 

Right beside La Patisserie are Greetings from Austin, also known as postcard mural. You can get your favorite macarons and croissants from the French bakery La Patisserie in the morning.


Written by Bryan Barnes

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