Missing dog reunited with the owner after 3 and a half years in Lubbock

Missing dog reunited with the owner after 3

LUBBOCK, TEXAS: Harli Phillips lost the dog Princess three and a half years ago in May 2017. Phillips met Princess in December 2011.

Phillips said she received the call from a stranger saying Princess had been found in July 2020. “I saw her in the Walmart parking lot and I just fell in love with this little furball,” said Phillips.

“We moved into a house with one of my mom’s friends and he let her, (Princess) and my mom’s dog out. And at that point, she (Princess) was getting old. She has hip dysplasia, and she was starting to not really go anywhere,” said Phillips. “I don’t know if whenever he let them out if she just took off. I was at work and he (points at boyfriend) went to pick me up and we came back, and she was gone.”

Tanner Richardson, Phillips’ boyfriend said “Typically, I don’t answer those[calls]. For some reason I did. And then they told me that they had some information about a pet, and they needed my credit card.”  At first, he said “I’m not gonna give my credit card to them, but I did. I was like, ‘I’ll just cancel my credit card if anything’ and I felt right about it.”

“He says, ‘we found Princess.’ And I was like, ‘that’s not funny. Don’t play with me. That’s not a joke.’ I’ve had her since I was 16, so it was not funny to me. And he was like, ‘I’m not playing,‘” said Phillips, “and I couldn’t say words. I just started ugly crying, and I fell to my knees and I was just in such shock.”

Phillips suggested the people with pets microchipped them.



Written by Bryan Barnes

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