The Dallas City Council approves renaming street in memory of Botham Jean

 renaming street in memory of Botham Jean

DALLAS, TEXAS: On Wednesday, the Dallas City Council unanimously approved the renaming of South Lamar Street in memory of Botham Jean. He was shot to death in his loft on that road when a former Dallas police officer mistook it for her own.

The vote came after over 90 minutes of public declaration and council discussion, generally for the proposed Botham Jean Boulevard. A few individuals, including Mayor Eric Johnson, encouraged colleagues to consent to the street name change after several council members had wanted to delay the vote.

Johnson said before the 15-0 vote, “I’m imploring this council to seriously think about the message we want to send as a city by letting this come up to the point of actually voting on this, having this family participating in this process, and putting that family through any more pain than they’ve been through”.

The street will be between Interstate 30 to South Central Expressway. The street incorporates South Side Flats, the apartment complex where Jean and his executioner, Amber Guyger, lived. Another roughly mile-long stretch of the street north of I-30 through downtown Dallas to Interstate 35E, would not be renamed.

Allison Jean said, “This street on which he chose to live and the street on which he died can serve as a lasting memory of the upstanding resident who loved Dallas so much”.

Written by Bryan Barnes

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