The Texas Legislature summons for its 2021 session on Tuesday

The Texas Legislature summons for its 2021 session

TEXAS: Under pervasive uncertainty, the 2021 session of the Texas Legislature will commence Tuesday under pervasive uncertainty.

As the coronavirus pandemic rages Legislators have been waiting for months to see how it will be conducted safely. The two chambers are expected to convene at 12 p.m. Central time.

Also after a pro-Donald Trump mob rushed into the U.S. Capitol a week ago, leaving five people dead and prompting many arrests, some Texas officials are on edge about the potential for turmoil in Austin.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is sending extra resources and personnel to the state Capitol, and Gov. Greg Abbott guaranteed Monday that DPS will “continue to remain on top of” safety at the building.

Then, three clear first concerns have arisen for the agenda: the budget, redistricting, and the pandemic. In any case, it stays not yet clear how much space — or political appetite — there will be for all the more polarizing proposals, particularly among Republicans coming off a successful November election.

Written by Bryan Barnes

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