Top Adventurous Activities in San Antonio.

San Antonio is well known for historical site seeing in Texas, along with numerous fun-filled mini-adventures that make this city more special. The town is famous for having events throughout all the four seasons including the Fiesta.

From walking or cruising along the river walk to enjoying thrilling rides at six flags, San Antonio is our personal favourite for providing us with a variety of fun-filled activities.

The San Antonio River Walk.

Suppose you’re like us and enjoy cultured bridges, calm rivers, birds, and shades of large trees then River Walk is the perfect place for you to spend your day. Here, you can find plenty of restaurants along the stone walkways of the San Antonio River flowing across the city centre.

It is one of the best spots for outdoor patio and dining. You can also get a guided tour or dinner cruise for a better time and experience a wonderful escape from the daily hassle filled life.

San Fernando Cathedral & San Antonio, The Saga.

Registered as the National Historic Place and considered as one of the oldest cathedrals in the United States, this place has burial sites of the Roman Heroes of the Alamo. The church walls were built in 1750 and constructed by Canary Islands settlers. The cathedral is situated at the Main Plaza, and becomes a centre of enormous visual attractions at night and is known as San Antonio, The Saga. The choreographed narration and music-infused video’s presented on the side of San Francisco Cathedral. If you’re looking for night time adventures, then this 7000-square foot projection is the best option.

Zoos and Theme Parks.

The best adventure for families and children located at the St. Mary Street includes San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium. The zoo has fun-loving activities, which consists of the Zoo Eagle, has narrow gauge railroad and a fun carousel.

A drive-through safari activity is also available known as the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch including more than 50 species of the planet.

Six Flags Fiesta, Texas.

The trip becomes more thrilling with the addition of adventure-park in the plan. Six flags is a famous theme and water park where you can find your favourite thrill rides and kid-loving rides. You can enjoy several shows here along with having a relaxing day at the water park.

Historic Market Square (El Mercado).

If you’re a souvenir collector, then the largest Mexican Market in the US known as ‘El Mercado’ is an ideal option for you. This market in San Antonio consists of local shops that have a variety of fascinating things, including dolls, blankets, paintings, jewellery, shoes, dresses, musical instruments and a lot more.

After getting done from shopping, you can head for lunch or dinner at the Mi Tierra Café Y Panadería, or bakery treats. The environment becomes even better with musicians. Don’t forget to see the Cortez family members and famous people on the walls of one of the dining room walls.

Written by Bryan Barnes

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