Top Texas State Parks For Camping.

If you’re an adventure lover and nature seeker like us, then this guide will provide you with details of best Texas state parks for camping with family and friends.
The state parks mentioned in this guide have all the qualities to make the outdoor activities filled with pleasure, with the advantage of being affordable.
The state of Texas is known for having pleasant weather, that will make the time at these state parks even better.

Inks Lake State Park

Located near one of the Texas largest lake, from South of Lake Buchanan the Ink State Park can be enjoyed on land and water. The busiest times at this park include fall, summer and spring seasons. This place has 22 cabins and 200 campsites, including water, electricity and RVs, available for booking and reservations.
The park store is also available for visitors to buy their favourite snacks and camping supplies. The beautiful scenery is 9 miles long, with forests essential for wildlife watching and hiking which adds up to nature and adventure loving part of this park.
The Devil’s Waterhole for calm water swimming, Valley Spring Creek waterfalls and hiking trails add extra attractiveness to this park.
Apart from these adventures, you can also go for scuba dive, fishing, and rent canoe, paddle boat, kayak instruments. The ranger programs include nature walks, canoe tours, geology hikes and a lot more.

Dinosaur Valley State Park

The state park known for prehistoric species is no other but the Dinosaur Valley State Park, which Tis considered as one of the best texas state parks.
This park consists of dinosaur’s footprints such as sauropod and theropod.

The trails may be closed sometimes due to rain, but the walk on Paluxy River is the experience no one forgets. Make sure you download the state park’s app on your phone to mark your location where the dinosaurs walked.
Don’t forget to carry your camera along, as the park contains statues, bones and structures of dinosaurs on the eastern side of the park where you can hike.

Cedar Hill State Park

The best affordable option for people who love to relax, explore and enjoy nature. The Cedar Hill State Park is the best for such experiences, however, don’t forget to make reservations before going. The park includes showers on camping spots along with grills and picnic tables where you can bring your RV, and is ideal for people who like quiet areas. A lake is also located nearby, perfect for swimming and enjoying the cool breeze.
The 1200 acres land is essential for hiking trails on a bike or foot, but this opportunity is not available during rainy days.
The Joe Pool Lake, which is 7500 acres long, is best for enjoying fishing activities.
Apart from these activities, the park also offers outdoor skills workshops and hikes to learn about nature and history.

Palo Duro Canyon State Park

This mind delighting canyon which has 1500 acres of trails, can be explored through hiking, bike or your horse.
The glamping is an area known for camping in luxury at this park, equipped with rustic furniture and air conditioning along with fully equipped kitchens.
The porch swings are also available for relaxation where you can enjoy coffee and games. The ranger programs are also available which provide the education related to nature and historic beauty.
If you’re interested in learning about Longhorn cattle and birds, then don’t forget to prebook your driving tour with the park’s rangers. If you’re planning to visit this park, then do it in summers as the Texas Outdoor Musical also takes place during this time. This show is known for its family-friendly activities including fireworks, singing, dancing and comedy shows. However, the rain might ruin your plan so plan accordingly.

Written by Bryan Barnes

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