68-year-old traveled miles to get his COVID-19 vaccine in Texas

traveled miles to get his COVID-19 vaccine in Texas

TEXAS: A 68-year-old living in Marathon Russ Tidwell traveled miles in his Chevy Tahoe to get his COVID-19 vaccine Monday.

“I just want to be protected,” Tidwell said. “I have had friends that have gotten COVID, people younger than I, and they’ve had serious complications. I’ve been very carefully locked down, adhering to all the safety protocols. That will be able to loosen up a bit after vaccination.”

Records say about 2 million Texans have been vaccinated until now.

The University of Texas at Austin professor of transportation data and policy, Kara Kockelman said, “[Rural Texans] have more difficulty getting to health care of any kind, and that’s been true in terms of death rates and with COVID. It’s just one of those trade-offs from living in rural areas — a lot of things are more difficult to come by.”

Richard Jenkins traveled miles to the West Texas vaccine hub. “What I was willing to do was, as soon as somebody said they had a vaccine, get in my car and drive wherever it was, whether it was Amarillo, Brownsville, Houston, El Paso or anywhere in between,” Jenkins said.

“There was no organization at the state level, so we just took it upon ourselves to start shopping around, basically like menu shopping statewide — who has it?”, Jenkins added.

Written by Bryan Barnes

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